Once or twice every year, I make my wish upon the Moon.


From some time ago, my mother often asked me if I saw the full Moon around the time of Thanksgiving or the first full moon of the year. I wandered around to find a bright Moon wherever I was standing.

Everyone has a wish. Especially in the difficult times of life, one feels the need of that wish more than before. So, once or twice a year, I see the brightly glowing Moon, making wishes for myself and the important people in my life.


For me, the Moon has been a captivating image with a different charm than stars.


In 2005, I saw a postcard of the Moon that I liked and bought two or three copies of it. Then I created an acrylic painting out the image.

When I happened to spend time outside Korea during the Thanksgiving or the first full Moon of the year, I also wandered around where I was to find the Moon. In the last year, however, I walked around and returned to my hotel by myself, without seeing the full Moon in the end.

In 2014, I was drawn by the Moon that kept appearing and disappearing between the clouds, which led me to create simple sketches. The images created at that time left a strong impression, making me take a look at the sketches many times. However, I had regret that I could not bring the images back only with their traces.


I even forget and miss the dates sometimes.


On March 2, I received a phone call from my mother who asked if I saw the Moon. On the way back home from my studio, I took 72 photos with my cell phone for 13 minutes, looking up at the sky. It was cloudy on that day, but the bright Moon captivated me with its ever-changing movement. I could thus leave many images of the Moon, which left me a sense of incompleteness back in 2014. Since the weather was too cold to stay outside, I hurried back home.


Looking at the seventy or so photos of the Moon, I envisage that they are suitable for grey paintings.


On March 8, I cropped the photos of the Moon in a regular size and created 71 images. I then printed the images on nine sheets of A4-sized paper. I decided to create a small canvas series and drew the picture of the Moon on a ready-made canvas in the size of 19 cm by 19 cm.


On March 23, I ordered 70 canvases.




Translated by Jaeyong Park