This project is a kind of exploration into the color black.

Creating works mainly in monochrome, I have grown the desire to trace the color to its essence - the heart of darkness, which has driven this project.

The project also involves books, which have always fascinated me.

My books are piled up here and there, instead of being shelved. It isn’t easy to stack up something neatly, whether it is a pile of books or of time.

Living is like piling up time.

My project is comprised of piling up blocks, piling up books of black, white and gray and piling up black lines.

Black and white is a part of my life, as I have always been drawing something – leaving traces in black in white spaces. All my doodles, cartoons, engravings and paintings feature the black that occupies 1 to 100 percent of the white. So do the books I have read.

Now I pile up traces in black in ‘Vanziha(semi-basement)’… 

Blinking my eyes in the growing darkness.



Translated by So-young Moon